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    i have the following which i may sell due to bein sponsord now just would like your thoughts on what it would be worth for each item

    1x diawa tournament gortex jacket large about 3 seasons old but still fully waterprooff will be washed and reproofed with nixwax
    1x diawa tournament bib and brace large well used again will be washed and reproofed

    1x diawa tournament gortex wind stopper large( no hood tho )

    i may also sell some rods and reels

    1 x shimano aerocast 11ft light feeder
    1x shimano aerocast 12ft medium feeder
    both rods are mint and hardly used
    1x 11ft 6 shimao beast master pellet wag rod

    2 x 3012 tdrs single handle reels 1 is mint and hardly used the other is in good condition few marks about 4 years old but still feels like new when using

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    I would suggest putting it all on ebay as good 2nd hand fishing gear is fetching good prices on there. Start your bid at 99p ending on a Sunday evening and watch the bids ride high 🙂

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    The problem with auction sites is the fees can take a large chunk of your cash. Better to list on TF and the gear will sell pretty quickly. Mint TDR about £90 Good condition TDR £70, The Shimano Rods around £80ish,

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    Ron will buy them off you and sell them a couple of months later at a loss. LOL.

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    Ill buy the lot for £450 if you interested 🙂

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    Steve you are a cheeky monkey, PMSL,

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