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      TF_Happy Dangler

        Because of the clash with the IOW match I have had to re-arrange the dates for the TF Individual Match as follows:

        2008 Details – Revised

        The venue is Rolfs Lake and I have booked it for 3 Saturdays – the 6th September, 4th October and 11th October.

        We will be running 2 qualifiers (Sat 6th Sept & Sat 4th Oct) for a maximum of 24 anglers on each one.

        TFC members will nominate which of the 2 dates they wish to fish as a first preference (or whether they are happy with either date). Members will only be able to fish 1 of the 2 qualifiers.

        Each qualifier will consist of 4 sections of 6 anglers (assuming 24) and consistent with previous TF events at Rolfs, the sections will be grouped on form. Sections will be specified and posted at the venue before the draw. Form rankings will be based on the opinion of lake owner John Bennet from recent results. In effect this means the top 6 pegs fish against eachother – the next 6 etc etc…. it works very well.

        The top 3 anglers from each section will qualify for the final. 12 from each qualifier i.e. 24 in total.

        The final will be NOW be held at Rolfs Lake on Saturday 11th October and the Club Champion will be the angler with the top weight from this event. Subject to Geeps confirming this, we hope to enter the Club champ into the Garbolino Club angler of the year match.

        Can everyone who put their name down on the club site for either date check that they can still do either the 6th Sept or 4th Oct and if not to state their revised preference.

        Geeps & Herbie – you originally said you would prefer the qualifier on the 11th OCt, as this is now the final can you let me know which of the 2 qualifier dates you wish to fish

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