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      Corndawg moderator

      This is just a test page….

      Feel free to add to it,but it will be removed if folk are succesfull at posting.


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      No problems here

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      nope all fine so far….~shh ~shh ~shh

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      Errrr, how will you know if they are unable to post? ~think LOL

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      ok down here,maybe problems north of

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      Corndawg moderator

      It’s ok up here north of Watford….

      I had a PM from someone who was having problems when he posted……

      Will leave it up til he manages to post,then delete the thread.

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      Simon you only put this thread up so you can practice your deleting skills lol……..noticed you have been a bit redundant lately ~hand ~hand ~hand ~hand

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      CD I was earlier, i kept getting logged out for some reason. When I clicked reply to post or go from page one to two etc i was getting logged out to a guest

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      Corndawg moderator


      I don’t need to practice mate…. LOL

      That is the exact problem the other user was having………..

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      TF_Chum Mixer

      Si I’m getting through but this morning some posts were being knocked back and others went through.

      Must have been because I was using bad language or ran over a robin on the way into work LOL

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      Corndawg moderator

      Sems to be sorted,so will now remove the thread….

      Thanks folks.

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      Seems to have settled down now and i’ve stayed logged in for the last half hour or so. But about an hour ago and late yesterday I couldn’t do anything except view as a guest as everything I did it displayed me as guest

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      TF_Chum Mixer

      Its the gremlins……….there everywhere ~shh

Viewing 12 reply threads

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