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    1 – Shimano GTE 6000B Bait Runner, spare spool, double handle, spare spool used.
    2 – Diawa size 9/10 Waders, used once.
    No Offers, or time wasters.
    Postage to Ireland, abroad, or anywhere else to be agreed.
    Collection from Dudley, West Midlands welcome.
    Waders/Baitrunner couriered at £46.00 for both items!!!
    Can go Royal Mail, but no responsibility taken if they loose it.
    Pm, or get back on this thread – cheers.

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    Can I have the Preston 11-13′ feeder rod, the technium heavy feeder and the Abu 16-18′ float rod please. Please PM details, Cheers Craig.
    Oh I’ll have the Preston side tray too. Thanks.

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    Craig, Some one else pm’d me about about the Suveran just before you. He has only said he is interested. I will pm him now and ask him if he wants it – if not, it is yours along with all the other items you want – i will post back on this asap. I will pm you my details so you can send a cheque.

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    If its gone no worries mate, I’ll have tyhe others though. Cheers

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    pm sent

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    Craig – it went mate, sorry. pm’d you details for the other 2 items.
    Bign – pm sent to you.

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    Dunno pm back – Northern or Southern Ireland fella?

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    reply sent

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    Dunno, back at you again – should be sorted.

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    If any one wants all the line, they can have the lot for 27 quid. That is a steal for some of the best reel line around.

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    you have pm

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    Nodrog – back at ya fella.
    Updated sold items.

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    Pm’s Replied to.

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    All items not sold have been re-priced and are now silly money!!!!!

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    PM ref the Pro Roost,

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    Yours Ron Have replied on pm.

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    Waders and Bait Runner only items left.
    Both Items £46 quid including postage – It’s a deal, It’s a steal, in fact, It’s bargain of the ______ century!

    Any takers?

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    I’ve been and collect from paddy today
    And must say all items were in great condition and were a steal he’s got more tackle than fosters. I was gobsmacked

    Seriously ,paddy it was an absolute pleasure mate and if I got the money
    Would snap the shaman reel and waders off you

    C,mon guys you want be disappointed

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    Done me a favour mate, i can now partially see my house!
    Glad you like the stuff – enjoy!

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