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    my recent listing of job lot for sale seems as though theres more request for it to be broken down and sold in smaller bits. so here’s a start
    Mick wilinson floats
    pellets x3,0.3g. x6,0.4g. x6,0.5g…….£33 posted

    peas x12….£27 posted

    cookies x2…£6 posted

    slimpower x2,0.1g. x4,0.15g. x3,0.2g. x1,0.3g…£23 posted

    winter slims x2,0.1g. x2,0.2g…£11 posted

    slim power margin x3,0.1g. x2,0.15g. x2,0.2g…£17 posted

    power diamonds x1,0.3g. x2,0.4g….£9 posted

    dinky d x1,0.1g. thin tip…

    original power margin the round bodies one…x5, 0.1g..£13 posted

    paste x3,0.4g. ……….£9 posted… will combine postage..

    kc carpa
    shelf x5 4×10
    margin x1 4×10
    carpa 2 x2 4×16
    chimp x1 4×10 x2 4×12 x3 4×14
    gent x4 4×12 x2 4×14 x6 4×16……….£35 posted

    malman floats
    power pencils
    x1 0.8g
    x2 0.6g
    x8 0.3g
    x14 0.2g
    x23 0.1g…..£97 posted

    1.2mm tip dolphin
    x17 0.1g
    x3 0.2g
    x1 0.3g….£45 posted

    most floats have been varnished with hard as nails.

    daiwa airity luggage, rod pod, smaller carryall, coolbag…….£90 posted

    terminal tackle inc shot, line(silstar drennan from .6 to .22 must be atleast 30 spools of line) wilkie pellet wags x6, garbolino pellet wags x8, kobra methods X10 machin moulds X2, assorted bombs and plummets, chop worm scissors meat cutter (same as maver) the list is endless and must be well over £300…….. £100 posted

    Daiwa tdr’s

    x2 2508 one has a spare spool the other has’nt…..£80each posted

    waterline fiberlite brolly….£40 posted

    garbolino super g carryall…£20 posted

    thanks, Keep an eye out cos im sure i will be adding more as i come across it.

    pellets and groundbaits… well over £500 all from top brands some not (most) even open could not possibly post would cost too much…£100

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    you have pm

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    Pm Sent

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    PM Sent

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    pm sent mate

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    lads lads slow down i cant keep sorry. i think the best way to do this is on a first come first serve basis its just so many people are asking for the same things… or unless theres another way please tell me..

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    TF_Big Si

    pm for ya

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    ill take the daiwa tornament X landing net pole… £30 posted paypall ok send me your paypall address

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    whats your paypal addy mate and i will send payment for you now.

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    not got paypal…. cash or cheque only… will only post goods once cheque has cleared though sorry

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    pm me your address mate and i will post you a cheque.

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    ok mate not to worry

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    pm sent

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    Lee did ya get me PM bout the tournyX handle sent bout 10 mins after ya posted?

    let me know please?

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    pm sent mate


    cash waiting

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    mate can you send me your details again as i hit delete by accident, cheers.

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    If not already sold will have the 11ft Drennan Pellet Waggler.



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    still got it pal PM sent..

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    pm sent re the buffys hookboxes £25 posted

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    PM sent.

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    TF_big tuna

    pm sent

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    TF_Big Si

    pm sent….

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    TF_Big Si

    pm again…

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    Have PM’d you mate re the Drennan Pellet Waggler.



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    PM sent, I will have it then mate.


    Nigel (Champy)

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    leerob, where you based mate?


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    just off junction 31 of the m1.. kiveton.. rotherham/sheffield area

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    Leerob – please PM me with your postal details for the 11ft Drennan Pellet Waggler Rod.

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    still these last few bits left if your interested make me an offer for them if you think there overpriced.

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    Pm sent

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    PM sent

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    TF_Big Si

    pm sent

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    Any chance of an updated list of what is left please?

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    just updated whats left thanks.

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    you hav pm.

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    just wondering if any had brought any thing off of this chap and had it delivered, paid over two weeks ago and as of yet not seen any goods!!!!!!

    Had very little communication via PM and when I do I just get will post shortly due to weather.

    This may be a genuine excuse but personally I think he is taking the P$*s. If it turns up in the morning I will be the first to apologise but some how I don’t think that will be happening.

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    if its not paypal or i cannot pay cash on collection i wouldnt risk it

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    I cannot comment on the sellers honesty but can verify the comments on the weather up here its been awfull. We are getting first class mail a week late, I have ordered some stuff from Harrisons which they sent Monday and I do not have it yet, ditto Amazon.
    I am sure the lads in Royal Mail are working to get things back to normal but it is their busiest time of year of course.

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    My step mum has just got her Birthday cards today, they were posted on the 27th November!

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    John appreciate the weather is bad but to not even answer PM’s. My money seem to get to his house okay (2days) so the postman didn’t struggle with that.

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    jonhh thanks for that. nick please do not use threatening behaviour towards me please….
    i did pm and reply to you explaining what the situation was.. another 5 or 6 people are in the same boat as you but they have not started to get aggressive. yes you did post the money yes i did get it but that was before all this snow started and im not on here every 5 mins to reply.
    i also did explain to people that if anyone pays by cheque i will wait for it to clear before i post out anything. i have sent you the tracking number for the item i dont know what else you expect me to do.. except apologise to you and everyone else i am dealing with at the moment.

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    I sent cash (so no time in waiting for cheque to be honoured) You did not send me the tracking number and I still haven’t received it as of yet. I have sent you several PM’s this week and you have not replied. what should I think. I am more than happy for a moderator to check my account to see that you have not sent me the tracking number!!!!!!!!!! All I want is what Ipaid for over two weeks ago!!!

    Many thanks


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    TF_Big Si

    I buy and sell stuff like everyone else and i’ve had post all week and lee don’t like to air DIRTY WASHING but come on fella i paid CASH FOR MY BITS ON THE 25TH NOV and its been excuse after excuse so i know you sent me tracking number but then you pm me telling me you posted yesterday???? so sorry mate apologies are accepted but i’m £50 + quid out of pocket until my bits show ……

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    I must apologise to you immediately as my goods have just this second. However a little more communication could have been good and would have given me no reason to post/pm you like I did but once again sorry


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    Have you posted my item out yet please?
    I’ve been more than fair with you

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    Same here, I’ve sent you a PM a few days ago and I’ve had no response.

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    PM sent.

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    Still waiting for my net handle! dont think leerob get much time on the PC tho to be honest!

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    @macky1 wrote:

    Still waiting for my net handle! dont think leerob get much time on the PC tho to be honest!

    That maybe true but that doesn’t stop him posting our items does it?? I thought I was the only one but clearly not, I’m getting quite angry now and want some answers!

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    all items posted this week as per pm’s. Will pm each person with tracking number. Let me know when they arrive. Thanks and sorry for the delays.

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    pm me the tracking number please

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    I would like one too please as I haven’t receieved the PM that you said you have sent ~think

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    will you pleas pm me the tracking number please
    still not got my tormy landing net pole

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    Aint got my tourny handle either?~think

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    I have asked for a detailed explanation as to what’s going on and will report back..

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    Thanks Geeps, something dodgey is going on I reckon as I still haven’t recieved my reel or a PM.

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    lets give the guy till the 3/1/20011 and then we can see what we can do about it ie some one most no were he lives

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    geeps i have not recieved any pm from you.. firstly sorry guys i am not dishonest or anything like that going on i have recently had serious family complications that are my problem and have interfered with my life and stopped my in my tracks… i did post all items the 2 landing net poles and the rod got returned tome by royal mail for being too long for there service that i will have to send out by carrier on monday as for the reel and floats i will get the tracking number to you asap as they should have beendelivered.. i can only apologise for my unreliability and lack of contact with all people involved but please im am not dishonest or untrustworthy…

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    Tool. I don’t believe the Post Office even let them over the counter if they were over 1.5M.

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    @squatt wrote:

    Tool. I don’t believe the Post Office even let them over the counter if they were over 1.5M.

    It all depends on the post office, some will some won’t and they can be sent back by the sorting office for the said reason.

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    still not answered my my pm s and still not got my tormy landing net pole this is what he said Posted: 14 December 2010 22:07:27

    will be posting tomorrow
    once again sorry for teh delay thats 2 weeks ago how many moor not got there tackle

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    Leerob – This is getting rather concerning.
    Geeps did not pm you, he emailed you.
    We (TF) suggest that you endevour to either send the equipment, or send people there money back as soon as possible.
    It would appear that you may have problems recieving Geep’s original email asking for clarification. I have asked him to pm it to me and i will pm it to you, whilst it may appear on this thread as well later on.


    We will not remove the thread, or the items for sale, owing to the items outstanding to certain people.

    Thank you in anticipation of your prompt response.

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    This is what I emailed to Lee..

    “I’m getting a lot of complaints about people who say they have paid for items yet not received them.

    Could you explain to me in detail what’s going on with each order by the end of play today.”

    Sent on the 30th January at 7.55am

    It’s possible we have an old email address and I will now also PM him.

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    sounds like he’s had all your pants down~naughty ~naughty ~naughty

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    Any news today?

  • #127320


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    Leroy has rang me today.
    I have asked him to offer more transparancy to the people who have not had there items.
    He should be posting up some time tonight, or tomorrow about these outstanding items that he owes.
    I have asked him as a minimum to return the money to the people who he owes it to and to explain this either on this thread, or by pm, of which he has said he would.
    I hope this helps in some way.

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    thanks for that paddy.its been 5 weeks now so if he can send me my money back. once again thanks paddy kev

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    I would still like my toruny net handle as im pretty desperate for a new one!
    But needs to arrive soon or i will be without one and will need to buy another

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    Thanks for your help Paddy and Geeps. I too would like my item but failing that a full refund would be acceptable.

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    i have pm all people concerned and will be issuing full refunds. the reason being for all the people that it has nothing to do with is when royal mail sent the items back for exceeding the maximum length i went to the interlink carrier service they use a volumeric sizing to guess the weight or thats what i got told and the cheapest they could do was 25 pounds and that was uninsured. that was a cost that i was not willing to make so i will be refunding all people concerned. and that will be done on thursday of this week
    once again sorry for the aggro this has caused

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    Recieved my reel today leerob thank you 🙂

  • #127615

    Leerob has sent me a PM to say he is sending all the money back to the people involved…

  • #127637

    Floats received today. Thanks.

  • #127654

    Lovely ~clap

  • #127664

    Geeps/paddy can you find out where my Grand turismo 5 has gone,ordered from amazon before xmas and still not here ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty

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    Got refund today thanks

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