jobs to do before the start of the river season.

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      Now that the river season is over, and can only fish puddles, does you better half expspect jobs done around the house before the river season starts.

      The days when come March 14 th, and no fishing was allowed, did you all get the decorating kit out and go mad, and overall the house, a amazing feat because it takes a week to think about the job, the better half saying when are you doing that painting, and you reply, soon??
      My old dragon has already started,iv just done the stairs and landing, and still got more rooms to do.

      Yes i agree with close season, but would be good in one respect to have fishing all year around, so we dont have to paint ect and get bloody nagged to death to don the walls with dulex off white apple, silk, if thats not bad enough, you get ropped into go around the shops for new fitting,s, curtains ect, Does this look nice, will it go with that colour on the walls,

      ARRRRRRRR, they say getting married is the best thing , since sciced bread, what a load of fibs and bull brown stuff.. ~think ~think ~think

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