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        DATE: 18 AUGUST 2019
        1st Rob PEMBRIDGE 86-13
        2nd John ADAMSON 72-03
        3rd Les SMEDLEY 70-01
        4th Paul MARRIOTT 64-11
        5th Les OVERMASS 62-10
        6th Paul SKINNER 59-14l

        Long Eaton Victoria Angling Societies 2019 Championship reached the halfway stage on Sunday when Match 10, which was also for the Mrs Jean Adams Memorial Trophy, was held on the Kingfisher Lake at Beechwood Park near Elvaston.

        The match, fished jointly with the Soldiers & Sailors (Sawley) Angling Club, was attended again by 20 anglers, and in the strong and gusty wind that had a chilling effect, in general weights were pretty good all around the lake although the bulk of the better catches came from the downwind end.

        After coming second in the previous two mates, Rob Pembridge produced a storming display from peg 36, putting 86-13 on the scales for a clear win. In spite of the wind Rob fished 14.5m of pole with banded pellet tight to the far bank “in the mudline” to catch carp steadily throughout the match, switching to his margin in the last hour with double corn to land six big fish (5 lb plus) that secured his victory.

        On the opposite side of the lake, John Adamson on peg 10, after catching a carp of around four pounds first cast on method feeder and losing a similar sized fish next cast, struggled for bites. A switch to pole and paste produced just the occasional small carp, and with two hours to go he had around twelve pounds of fish. He increased his feeding rate on one of his swims and the carp gradually moved in, and as the match progressed, he caught bigger fish, and a superb last hour saw him put 72-03 on the scales for second place.

        Les Smedley filled third place with 70-01 from peg 34,catching on a variety of methods throughout the day, most productively on meat, with Paul Marriott fourth from peg 11 with 64-11, catching his fish on method feeder fished to the island, then on pole and meat fished short.

        Les “Bow” Overmass was in fifth place with 62-10 from peg 32 by alternating feeder and pole, Paul Skinner taking the sixth spot with 59-14 from peg 6 at the end of the lake, catching the bulk of his fish on method feeder. Paul’s catch rate was seriously affected in the latter stages when he snagged something which from then on caught his tackle every cast so he had to fish somewhere else less productively.

        Although losing ground at the top of the Championships, leader Steve Hoult’s 13 points gained on the day ensures his 46 point lead as we move into the second half of the campaign, although the chasing pack have managed to slightly narrow this. The “leader-board” is: Steve Hoult 179 points, John Adamson and Rob Pembridge each with 133, Paul Marriott 130, Les Smedley 119, Paul Richardson 114 and Dave Cotterill 100.

        Match 11, also a joint match with Soldiers & Sailors (Sawley) Angling Club, is at the Riddings Fishery on Sunday 1 September on Folly Lake, a venue neither club has fished for several years. Members of either club wishing to fish will need to book a place with Dave Kent before 30th August.

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