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        New to site hello everybody!

        I am fishing at Lewden Springs at the weekend can anybody give me any info? Cheers

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        Pond Life
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            BTTT for Mr Richardson

            Come on lads help the newbie cos he needs it believe me!

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              taken from the excellent site –

              An airport trip to drop our kid & his girlfriend off for their trip to Mexico was followed by a few days at the van catching those ‘easy’ carp, and my next match was with the Turners Arms gang, at Lewden Springs fishery, on the outskirts of Barnsley. As we stood waiting to draw my mate Dale was saying he didn’t fancy the early pegs. I had to disagree with him, it’s not often pegs in front of a car park at any venue are rubbish, is it? He wasn’t too chuffed with his peg 2 draw, while I was almost embarrassed when I pulled out peg 1! It gave me an island chuck, reed-lined margin, and open water to go at, nice.

              A pleasure angler already fishing to my right would make sure I didn’t have it all my own way, but I was tooled up for a chopped worm attack anyway, targeting the venue’s healthy ide population, so was hoping the margin wouldn’t be needed. The wind was already near gale force, but off our backs on these pegs, allowing decent presentation but threatening to make short work of pole sections not secured, so I spent some time setting my stall out to ensure it didn’t all end in tears. As such, I wasn’t quite ready for the start, I found I’d only got my tiny Bank End feeders with me! No bother, I could loose feed the meat by catapult in the wind, so I’d fish a bomb. 15 minutes in and no indications, and odd fish were coming out on a variety of methods, so it was time for a look on the worm. First drop, down went the float, and ide number one was on its way to the net. It was the simplest days fishing I’ve had in ages (helped in no small part by the fact I’d sat on an absoluter flyer AGAIN!) whereby I’d catch two or three of these ide, then have to wait for a bite, or perhaps catch a small rudd or roach, before feeding again and repeating the process. A very enjoyable day saw me last to weigh, with club stalwart Frank Perryman leading with 26lb 4oz as the scales arrived. Frank fished a blinder actually, in the strong cross wind, presenting corn and pellet at 7 metres to catch tench and carp to 3lb. I knew it would be close, and again had no real idea of my weight due to becoming so engrossed in the feed/catch/feed pattern of events, but when I lifted my net out it felt heavy enough to do it, and so it proved, as the scales settled on 29lb 6oz. A hasty retreat was beaten to the car park, as by now the trees around the lake were making an ominous creaking noise!

              On the way home I reflected on the day. While at the van I’d called into one of the many farms down there that sell various baits, worms being their favourites, and picked up some lovely redworms (remember them? All you bream anglers out there?) And they’d certainly paid for themselves, as they resulted in good, slow bites, while pieces of dendra often brought sharp taps and daft hold-up type indications. One to remember that one!

              heyup craig, the ide up at lewden probably averaged 3 to the pound, i fished 0.10 hooklength and black no.8 preston elastic with no problems, and used two rigs of 0.5 and 0.6 gramme with 18 and 20 tubertini 808’s. i caught best at dead depth, the wind was horrendous so it put the mockers on the shallow fishing a bit! i think i’d have got em shallow if i could have put it to em right, but there was no sign of it letting up so i fed to keep em down. by this i mean i’d catch two or three fish, then pot in 6 or 7 chopped up worms and 20-30 casters, then start again. i kept this going all through, while the lad next door who finished third dumped a big pot in every half hour or so. he’d have a busrt of fish then a load of daft bites, too many fish in front of him perhaps? he did get a bigger stamp of fish than me, although i had the odd two pounder in with mine anall. to be honest mate i think i got out of jail a bit due to the wind, i wouldn’t rule the carp out at all, but at the same time them ide are heavy and easy to build a weight with if you get em rolling, so make sure you have the gear for them. the lads in the know there seem to fish meat for the carp tight to th

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                @Bateso wrote:

                BTTT for Mr Richardson

                Come on lads help the newbie cos he needs it believe me!

                remind us all of the next peg battle you two had at the weekend…….~think

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                  I don’t know what your talking about Doc!?! ~think

                  Oh! now i do and i had better be quiet! ~sick

                  TBH i don’t think i’ve ever beaten him off the next peg!

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                    no u havnt mr bates with ur 8lb off the pond flyer bad angling im afriad hahahahaha~clap ~clap

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                    Aquila Savage

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                          Ralph Ewing

                            Fished here this afternoon for about 4 hours. Picked a peg which I fancied and set up the waggler and pole. Started on the waggler to the island and not a sniff in 30 mins dinosaur game.

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