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        This winter I want to try bread as a new weapon in my arsenal. What is the difference between liquidised and punch crumb. I have been reading up a bit in older issues of match fishing and watching youtube.
        Perhaps a stupid question but do you wet it like regular groundbait or do use the moisture in the bread a a natural binder?

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          liquidise your own. Get a cheap white loaf and cut the crusts off, then liquidise down very fine.
          The moisture in the liquidised bread will bind it together as long as you keep it from drying out.
          Feed a pinch between your thumb and forefinger every chuck.

          Have fun

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          TF_caster rob

            “What is the difference between liquidised and punch crumb.”

            Liquidised is reasonably cheap and punch crumb is ridiculously expensive, by comparison.

            Make sure your liquidised bread will go through a pinkie riddle or you’ll probably overfeed.

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              better still – sieve off with a flour sieve to get all the bigger bits out – then re liquidise the bigger bits. You should end up with pure white very fine bread particles that will pinch and hold together for feeding.

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              TF_One Out of the Frame

                It all depends what you are fishing for and the type of water that you are fishing on.

                If you are on a typical British canal and fishing for small roach in cold, clear Winter conditions then I would be making sure that you are trying to get the bits of bread as small as possible. Personally, I think that this works as the small particles tend to hang in the water for longer giving a better attractant and also meaning that you don’t have to feed as often: In these type of conditions you would ‘fish out’ your feed and only refeed when you were getting no indications.

                For warmer water, bream, carp and chub you don’t need to cut the crusts off and as you would normally be fishing with a bigger bait, the larger particles compliment the hookbait better so they don’t need to be as fine.

                A lot of people advocated ‘punch crumb’ for rivers and canals that tow but I always thought that it was horrendously overpriced and difficult to prepare (or easy to mess up!) and had always caught well with normal liquidised squeezed for if water was flowing….. Perhaps that is why I have never had much success with bread in water over 5-6′ deep though?

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                  Thanx a lot. The venue in plan to use it is usually between 6-8ft deep a bit deeper in a couple of spots. I read somewhere that some people add gravel and/or hemp to add weight.

                  The way to feed is cupping in one small ball at the beginning a fishing this until bites dry up and then top up or is it better to keep feeding small pinches?

                  Think I will have a kitchen night tonight. Will keep you posted.

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                    getting it to the bottom will be the issue and yes people add fine gravel to give it weight. Hemp would work too – add it and make small balls and fish till bites dry up – then small balls to top up. If you pinch it in it will break up before it gets to the bottom and your fish will come up in the water. why not make some up and take it to the water and chuck some in and see what happens – it will give you a better idea of what you’ll need to do on the day.
                    I have personally used hemp mixed in with it on deeper waters and it works a treat – for roach.

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                      For depths between 6 and 10 foot you should not need to add any weight

                      Fill a small feed pot with the liquidised bread, dip the pot in the water so it fills to the top with water
                      Now tip the wet liquidised on your hand, squeeze the excess water out, dont squeeze it so it is rock hard, just so the excess water is out
                      Put the ball back in the cup and feed
                      Bits will wash off as it drops but the bulk will hit the bottom before it opens up

                      To watch how it works, try it in 4 foot of clear water
                      Feed one ball of dry liquidised and one ball of wet

                      The dry feed will open instantly and filter down in a dougnut shaped cloud, when it hits the bottom you won’t be able to see it on the bottom. most of it will be left to drift away

                      The wet feed will drop straight to the bottom and you will be able to see the feed on the bottom, this will stay longer and should keep the fish there better

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                      TF_chubby chubber

                        there is some good readng on the thread lads 🙂 😮

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                        Ali Marx

                          It’s a good way with the punch crumb as a weapon for fish caught easier than another way in this winter. The professional fisherman also use this trick from royalessays uk and happily catch the huge amount of fishes.

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