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      Jack Palmer

      I recently went Carp Fishing to the South of France absolutely loved it… here’s my review incase anyone is looking to go aboard for that big fish!


      What can I say about this place?
      3 beautiful lakes in a picturesque countryside in the south of France. The north lake is the pride of the 3 lakes holding fish upwards of 60lbs+ and this lake has 5 swims then you have Simons which has 4 swims and Jolly Pads which has 2 swims both lakes also having 50lbs + (after the week i spent here I know why its called Jolly Pads). The place is ran by two of the most welcoming and caring hosts I’ve ever met Dene and Karen. They offer the most amazing food package which is all made by them for you. You get your breakfast made for you 10am every morning and the evening meal is also provided and I have to say every meal was fantastic! There is a local convenience store around a 5min drive to get things for in the day like beer and food. The setting on every lake is beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are amazing, the sounds around the lakes are very calming as you are trying to sleep. They also have a chalet for you to wash and sort yourself out.

      From my experience i would give the trip 9.5/10 as i found France has decided to give me the worst hay-fever ever. Everything from the first moment i arrived to the last was perfect, greeted us with smiling faces and treated us more like friends rather than guests which made everything so much easier. The things i’ve eaten here I don’t think id of eaten back home but everything that was cooked was perfect, it was delightful. For me the best thing about the place is the atmosphere everyone gets along, everyone is trying to have a good time and best of all your all after the big one. The one fish I wanted to catch was the legendary Merv everyone that’s been on Jolly Pads has caught Merv I think but on the morning of the day we were heading home my brother in law Chris gets a bite at 12.20am and pulls in the one and only MERV which topped off a great week. The weather is mental at one point nearly 30 degrees in the shade and then other times raining for 4-5hours. Around the area I can safely say the frog population is great after seeing thousands jumping through the grass most mornings and nearly treading on them. The lake I was on Jolly Pads was a beautiful lake mainly for people who aren’t that confident but sort of know how to fish, safe to say with the size of the ones in the north lake i’m definatley not ready for that yet. I think if i would have blanked id still come back to try again because its just a lovely place and the hospitality is just the best which made the whole experience a million times better! If your new to the lakes and want some help Dene will do his absolute best to help you find the fish and give you tips on how to get the big ones. I think this has been one of the experiences i’ve had; sun, beer and fishing not much can go wrong there can it?

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      MarkDiary Diary

      Good Story thnx for sharing

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