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      Do MAP make a 2mm size cutter block???


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      I think 4mm is the smallest they do, surely 2mm will be a mush. Try pushing meat through a riddle to get small pieces.

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      The 4mm blades are difficult to use and serious force is required, would doubt 2mm would work in the cutter.

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      I don’t see the point of 2mm, just put a tin through a 4mm cutter twice……

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      wouldnt 2mm meat cubes float ?????

      meat is usually associated with catching decent stamp of fish so why would you need 2mm cubes , just put through a meat cuttet twice or grate through a maggot riddle

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      2mm meat would be great for meat feeder

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      if you want meat as small as 2mm for a particle margin cloud – you’d possibly be better off with a cheese grater for same presumable purpose?

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      The reason for asking, is that there was an article by Mark Pollard in IYCF mag, where he uses 4mm and 2mm MAP meat cutters ???

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