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    Isn’t it good to see that Marc Jones – the man accused of bringing this fine tournament into disrepute only a few months back on Rogue Traders has got a superb 10 TICKETS!!!!!!!
    Only recently was this subject a hot topic on here and now that many of us are argueing over the way tickets are allocated here is a man that deserves none and gets 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NFA what are you doing??

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    I applied for some and got none, maybe i should get myself on rouge traders then i may get all i wanted.

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    So hes got 10 tickets good luck to him he will probably qualify again you can`t judge the guy because of that poxy tv program presented by them two w$£$kers!

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    Yeah give the guy a break!
    Just because he conned some old ladies out of their life savings, what’s wrong with that???
    ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty

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    err robbing/ripping off old ladies = wxnker of the biggest order in my book !!

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    Yes you can.

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    well i applied for 2 fisho tickets and got none.

    As regards the program rogue traders whilst it is presented in a rather silly way, the underlying investigation of con men and rip off merchants is carried out profesionally, the people they catch out on here are not there for their charitable work or they kindheartedness to the comunity!!!

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    Anyone who rips-off the elderly and vulnerable is scum,

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    Agree with courtney…..yes you frigging can chap

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    TF_Chris Owen

    Ditto Kev and Ron.

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    agreed with kev,ron and chris on this one,
    BUT i think you will find he has got at LEAST 13~think ~think ~think

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    at the end of the day our opinions change could have an angler who is a known cheat,and banned from fishing known waters,but unless they are blacklisted from entering an open competition such as the fishamania for example,there is no reason to stop them entering and getting tickets.the reception they might get on the bank could be a different matter.some might make snide remarks,others will just blank them,others will treat them as normal.that fact remains they might still recieve tickets,so the NFA found nothing wrong

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