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        Hi all as most of you know Boilies can be a pain in the back side and you can end up losing your mind of the choice to make when picking a range. in the winter im a die hard natural bait user of Maggots and sweetcorn going for big carp but i always like to have a plan B of a boilie to use if im struggling on a winter session. I have just purchased some Marukyu Fruit spice boilies and yet to use. Its a big gamble as i have not seen any reviews online to hear that they are anygood. reason being i got them as they sound to be the best made qaulity boilie on the market and why not give them a go. they are pricey but if you dont try you dont know. question is has anyone used these????? :confused: :confused: :confused:

        many thanks


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          Across all the fishing forums on the internet, you will see a positive reception for all different types of Marukyu fishing baits. Marukyu JPz jelly pellets seem to be getting the best reception with many people saying that they are being used in tournaments across the country by some of the most experienced anglers with great results, a lot of people have realised is that shops that stock Marukyu products sell out of it quickly, which is obviously a positive because it shows the confidence in the product is high. Also the boilies and additives are receiving good reviews on the forums. Many amateurs have been saying that they managed to catch their first 20lb carp with Marukyu boilies.

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            All Marukyu baits will be correctly labelled, packaged and manufactured to any given standards which may come into force. It’s not a boilie ban, it’s a restriction (as I understand it) on some ingredients which may be found currently in some baits, especially Fluoroscent dyes and markers and noting ingredients on packaging. Marukyu use only highest grade ingredients but if anything is imposed which is not currently in force, then by law, changes may have to be made to conform with new regulations. It’s impossible to tell until implemented, as with all things EU it will no doubt be subject to change, interpretation and whatever else before it comes in….Put it this way, I’m not concerned that it will affect Marukyu, I’ve even eaten Credence Corn myself…!

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