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    Has anyone got a 13m Maver N57 section, I know it’s a long shot as this pole wasn’t very popular, mine disappeared into the depths at Messingham Swan Pond last week, I could collect around Leeds or will pay postage charges.

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    It’ll still be there in summer when the water’s warmer mate. At the price of 13m sections it’s well worth getting your underkecks wet.

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    hi ive got a few maver 13m section from different poles one could fit more info call chesterfield 01246477352 ok

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    Thanks for the replies, the N57 has a slightly larger bore than most poles, I have a Daiwa 14.5m section that fits enabling me to fish at 13m but the 14.5 & 16m sections from the N57 don’t fit the Daiwa section so it means I can only fish at 13m.
    I know that it will still be in the Swan pond in the summer but if you have fished it you will know that it is a deep lake, I was fishing at 10ft at 11.5m, the section went in and dived slowly like a Sub and probably settled on the bottom about 10-12m out.

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    k57 section fits

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