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    anyone fished them recently, match results ?

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    pellet waggler as far out as you can cast and feed
    use meadowlands 8mm feed pellets with white choc 10mm boille or 8mm banded pellet as hook bait
    aim for 60 to 100 lb to win
    hope this info as been a help to you

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    I was in a match on Meadowlands,14/07,on peg 37..I won with 38lbs, using paste at 7mts,also caught a couple of carp on the method feeder,8mm pellet and boillie,tryed to use the pellet wagg like torchwood describes,the wind was coming straight at me,plus lots of waves,making this method impossible to use,so maybe my tactics might offer you an alternitive…I would like to go back there with calm conditions,there were lots of fish topping,also beware there are some big lumps in there !!

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    fished it last week great days fishing except had the nephew with me and he beat me! plenty corn.

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    cheers lads thanks fore the info, pellet wag and paste it is.

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    fished the match on there two weeks ago i won had 110lb from peg 11 all at 35 yards feeding 8mm and fishing it on the pellet wag.

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    if you need any info try and contact paul garner he keeps a spreadsheet with all results and weights from every peg.

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    Do they still run opens there?

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    no opens at the moment due to club bookings will post when they start again,also there will be a teams of three winter league and possibly an individual league this may be silver fish only

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    Big Jock

    On other forum sites there are rumours of problems at this fishery, can anyone shed any light on the situation?

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    Which forums and where’s the rumour from?

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    the only problem ive heard is that every one is fishing the pellet wagglers at range and the carp are not coming in to the pole line ?

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    its not rumors

    i was there last sunday and there was dead fish all along the bank i was pegged on as well as rubbish

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    on the small pool by the way

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    So what have the fishery said…?

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    you always lose a percentage of new stock fish

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    Good Answer…so long as they don’t keep going turtle…

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    new stock fish? have they restocked in the last few months
    I bet the problem is the bad water quality due to the masive amounts of pellets that are being fed

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    watched a club match sunday(19th)for a while and not a lot was being caught.Most were on pole,with a few on method with no one on pellet wag.
    Mainly silvers were being caught with very few carp.

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    3 nets

    heard the pellet wagglers blown there

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    3 nets

    was you watching the match on warren pool?

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    good hope the pellet wagg as blown let the pole boys have some sport

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    watched match on warren

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    3 nets

    has anyone else know how warren pools fishing

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    fished the two lakes 3 weeks ago. warren on sat my brother won it fishing 8mm pellet shallow at 10m feeding 6mm 80lb of f1’s. SUN fished lambsdown i won with 152lb of big carp to pellet waggler white 10mm boille feeding fisheries 8mm pellet. the place is stuffed with fish cant wait to go back next year. thanks torchwood you won me the match with your info.

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    no problem mate glad to help
    great result we done

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