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    What ratio of meat to hemp should I be using for fishing long on the deck?or does it very much depend on the situation?Im using 6mm meat for fish averaging about 5-8lb,cheers.

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    Initially I feed more hemp (on the first feed) as it’s really an attractor and an aid to keep fish on the deck, about 70/30 I’d say. While fishing the swim I try and feed as little hemp as I can – I want the fish feeding on what I’m using for bait, and also to avoid preoccupation with hemp.

    I don’t mind feeding the hemp as I did to start the swim if I’m leaving it for a bit (fishing another line) to give the swim a boost while it’s rested.

    There’s no set answer, but try that as a guide. I’ve found some days you have to put the hemp in, while on others you can cut it out completely! I also like to sneak a few grains of corn in – force of habit I think 🙂

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    Thanks mate,yeah ive started with more hemp but getting problems with foulhooking I guess not cutting back on the hemp is the problem!

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