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    Did you find anywhere to go tomorrow ?

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    No mate,might have a day pleasure fishing somewhere. Or if i dont get all my pricing up done,ill be doing that. Where are you going ?

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    Not too sure but will probably end up at Willinghurst. Might see you at Sumners on saturday.

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    Will do,the world and its wife are booked in saturday lol

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    oh are they.
    Me and Ross are actually booked in for sunday but there are already 22 booked and we thought we might switch to saturday as we thought there would be less people and we’d have a better chance of a decent peg.

    Do you know how many he has for saturday then ?
    Tried to ring him yesterday but there was no answer.

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    I noticed in the Angling Times today that you had kept it quiet on here that you were beaten into second place by “a bird” at Furnace ! LOL

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    I know about 8 who arent regulars that are going,so i would of thought it will be over 20 on sat. Saying that perhaps some are fishing sunday only.

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    get up earlier, come to framfield, 9am draw boys

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