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      TF_Fred Davis

        Managed to get 6 universal power kits for the dream team just over £20 sobs each

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          i read that on the club site fred…were from ? and are they a good fit to do you need to lop a bit off ?
          but a good find none the less~clap ~clap

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          shallow hal

            I have a full 16m dream team for sale if anyone is interested! Top kits are a bit thin on the female end but is in good nick otherwise!

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              a dt what? all rounder ? a carp1/2 ect ?

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              TF_Fred Davis

                needed to lob 4 inches orf the end and they are obviously a tad heavier than the pucker origenals and about 6inches shorter so I have had to construct another top section on a cupping kit to cater for them, but they appear a lot stronger than the DT origenal power kits, which wear fairly quickly as the carbon is too thin imo hence everyone has dodgy power kits, the match kits don’t seem to wear as badly as the carp kits don’t know why? The universal kits I am using are the middy DNA kits cheap and cheerful but do a job, got 6 for 22.45 each may get another 3 just in case lol at that price it’s a nonsense!

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                  cheers for that…might get myself a few…at that price it don’t matter if you smash a couple up…lol~clap ~clap

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                  TF_Fred Davis

                    Masterline said that on enquiries made with top man roberto who said he could get me a power kit off of another trubucco pole that fitted the DT for £79.99 + £10 postage £89.99 total for one kit, I thought your aving a giraffe mt8, 4 top kits for the price of one and if the pole goes bang it ain’t cost an arm an a leg. Ave it you know it makes sense lol

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                    TF_Fred Davis

                      Did think about getting an airity then I thought don’t be a muppet lol

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