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        Now we can alter our own posts, is it possable to completly delete a thread, because i cant find the spectron tread, there was a spectron power tread too, which has also gone missing.
        Well it appeares to have turned up on eBay! I said i would have it and he said it had been sold, Simon had also said the same, and was told the same, all within 15 minutes!

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          not sure whats going on nigel ,it seems some threads on another forum have also mysteriously vanished or abducted by aliens ? .I think the teches will have too look at the system too see if theres a dirty great black hole they keep falling into or perhaps the system has sprung a leak someware !

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            I saw the post on the spectron power for sale 3 Min’s after it was posted and replied by email straight away saying i would have it and what area he was in.
            In the morning i noticed Nigel had said he would have the pole and forward his details, that was posted 22 Min’s after it was listed.
            Iv never had a reply to my emails and have been informed today by slim that this pole looks like its on Ebay.

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            TF_Baz the Beast

              The thread is not missing at all,
              The poster said that the pole was sold and had said he was sorry to Nigel but had sold it allready,
              I was scanning through the threads saw that it was sold and deleted the thread,
              What is the point in leaveing dead threads takeing up space.

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              TonyJ formerly Blunthook

                I also e-mailed him and i am still waiting for a reply.

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                TF_Happy Dangler

                  Just asked Baz to remove the long TF South Xmas match thread from the Matches/Events section now it is finished. 18 pages of posts….

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                    I didnt know threads got took off. I thought they ran for the month, and it they didnt come back to the top, they fell off the bottom!

                    I wanted to ask the guy why he had told me and Simon why it was sold, only to turn up on eBAy!

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                      Their is a thread bottom of page 8 posted by beanpole regarding Spectron Power.I was looking for Nigels thread regarding later match times

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                        Thanks Jason. Greg wants a grand for it, but another guy came on with one and wanted £700.
                        When Simon and myself snapped his hands off, he realised it was too cheap, and told us it was sold, before it turned up on eBay!

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