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      Hello all can you help me??? ive done several day sessions this season on both bridges and puma lakes, my problem? Wheres the carp? sounds strange i know but ive used various types of boilie, popped up and normal helicopter rigs, casting to reeds lily beds and open water, and i cannot catch a carp! i get bream tench orfe and even roach! ive tried pva stringers pva bags hallibut pellets and still no carp !!! someone tell me where im going wrong. my latest session was yesterday using dynamite baits spicy prawn boilies and hallibut pellet and sweetcorn also tried mainline popped up white toffee. result 5 tench 7 bream and 2 golden orfe! help where am i going wrong????

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      try using , single hair rig bait or a bunch of dead maggots close as possible to the islands as poss. 🙂

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      Gage Travis

      If you want to catch the carp then you have to follow the following instructions. First thing you need is to put single piece of bait along the essaysoft and then couple of dead maggots into lake.

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