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    I’ve had a text to say Nathan Watson’s been hit by a car while out running – anyone know if this is true?

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    its true, Hit by a bentley last night I got told this morning & Nathan has posted something on facebook about it. Broken wriste & Leg.

    Get well soon pretty boy!

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    Get well soon me ol China….
    Better than getting hit by a Skoda I guess….

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    He posts on facebook about breaking his ankle and wrist, and having pain in his stomach and back, and “6 people like this”….

    Not really appropriate lol

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    Arrrhhhh, its only an insurance job for a new pole 😮 !!

    @geepster wrote:

    Get well soon me ol China….
    Better than getting hit by a Skoda I guess….

    He he he he he! Love it!

    Hope you get better soon Nathan 🙂

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    Yeah with his good looks the doctors thought ET was being dragged in on a stretcher again 🙂

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    Get well soon Nath , best wishes mate

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    get well soon Nathan remember while your having the pain someone else is getting the pleasure :rolleyes:

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    Speedy recovery nathan 🙂

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    Get well soon buddy and I think you should change your name to Marmite as it seems people either love you or hate you. LOL.

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    wishing a swift recovery.

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    I dont know you personaly Nathan,but have used your services many times.get well soon mate,i feel an order comming on. 😀 😀 😀

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    Yes, get well soon mate.

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    Got a text back from him at 5:58 am so I deduce:

    – some of his fingers are working
    – must be in hospital as the only time he’d normally see that time would be walking home from the nightclub!!! :p

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    dam bad news.get well soon nathan top class angler.

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