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      It’s been a mission to get migrated to a new platform but it has been a necessary one.
      Previously registered forum users have been moved over with the rebuild, and are asked to set a new password for security reasons. This facility is available by clicking on the Log In button (see the Password Reset facility to the right at ). Or simply create a new user account and Profile.

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      Great, glad to have TF back and operational.

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      Are we up and running yet .

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      Great to have TF back, looking very good as well

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      glad to be back online and hopefully see some of you in the near future

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      There seems to be a few gliches in the site yet hope that they are sorted out soon ?

      Ive tried to log in on coarse fishing page and it logs me out unless I go on to page two and then I can log on and post on the topics . Is it a glich, ???

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      daikaads steve

      Great to see a forum for fishing!!

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      Yes there have been a few glitches Steve, to be expected.
      Someone else was having that problem on the For Sales Forum (on a Mac).
      It’s not something I can replicate on my PC
      Are you still having that problem?

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      Daisy Simpson

      Amazing information, Thanks for sharing.

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      Aron Haringman

      Hi guys I’ve now got loads of time of since school is closed so I want to get into fishing, I was wondering what tackle box you guys would recommend for me to get , I’ve already got a really good rod all I need is the tackle box and floats and stuff.

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      Joe Cartwright

      Just joined and pleased to see some forums with a little bit of current content. Firstly could I just plug my podcast and facebook group “Middle Aged Angler Reborn”
      I have recntly (6 months) started fishing again after a lengthy break and started this as a bit of a diary of getting back into this amazing sport that we all love. Welcome any feedback if anyone wants to give it a try. Its not exceedingly polished but just a bit of fun.
      Secondly I was hoping on participating in a match or two for the first time this year, until Covid, but wondered if it was necessary to have a pole as most anglers I see in matches fish with them.

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      sandeep singhh


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      michaels johnson

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      ALI zi

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