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    Check out for new footage from Tackle & Guns show at Stoneleigh. Tom Pickering, Mark Downes and James Robbins reveal their new gear for 2008. Also we have footage from the new On The Bank and Match Fishing Masterclass DVD’s with Jon Arthur making his video debut at Tunnel Barn Farm…

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    Ron arthur, does he play snooker…

    oooow you mean “BIG” Jonny Arthur with his woman weapon…

    don’t think thats appropriate, have u got your sites mixed up?

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    Just have to say, and only my opinion, i bought Andy Findlay part2 sweetcorn on pole and watched it last night, now, im relatively new to the open match scene and i bought this because i thought there would be lots of info and tips that i am not privvy to. I have to say i am dissapointed to say the least, the info was very basic stuff, what size line, size hook etc. It never explained the shotting pattern and why it was needed, only saying he used a 10 backshot, it showed the float but not the weight/size.
    It only showed how he hooked a peice of sweetcorn and basically he fed a handfull of corn every put in adn caught every time, if it was as easy as potting in and catching every time we would all be match winners. In my opinion dvds should show things like what to do when bites dry up and in match conditions, feeding different lines and why.
    It will without a doubt make me think twice about buying another dvd of this type. They are supposedely?, “match fishing masterclass”, i cant think of one thing i didnt already know that was on the dvd adn i am at an early stage of matchfishing and certainly dont portray to be a great angler. Again this is only my opinion and others may disagree but i feel the advertisement for the dvds are slightly misleading. A more in depth look at feeding and tactics would be more appropiate, i know you cant please everyone with a one hour dvd, but you do expect more from a match fishing dvd, advertised in a match fishing mag, for prodominately match anglers.
    Dave Harrell i will surely listen to any response you have because im not trying to rubbish them as i know a lot of effort must have gone into them, so anything you can add would be great.
    P.S I have not seen any other dvds in the range, they mat be more in depth, i dont know, which is why i hope i get a reply.

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    Ratneck, don’t laugh, but if you still have a vhs player, keep an eye open for the old style videos from the late 80’s/early 90’s. There are plenty about featuring great anglers like Nudd, heaps, Branson etc & the content actually focuses on real techniques etc with loads of very good informative information & tips, as apposed to the more recent dvd’s that are just about selling you something.

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    older ones always the best. try and find some older dvd’s vid’s with bob roberts, king of explaining in detail..

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    daddy mo

    yes older vids are better get ones with john holmes in the woman have hair in them too lol

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    more than hair. can’t tell which way up there standing.

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    have always been a long standing fN OF m/f and both stars featured, but am afraid have obviously been too uncritical.

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    have’nt yet seen vids concerned but there is a pretty impartial review of the earlier finn vids on

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