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      Which type of hook would you suggest for carp fishing as I’ve never done it before. Also, what type of bait generally works best from your personal experience?

      I had a look at a couple guides of hooks ( and just hoped I could get some personal opinions to give me a good idea.

      Is this guide on your site a good carp bait guide to go off? (


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      You will generally find that certain waters have anglers all using roughly the same type bait flavour,purely down to the amount that has been used there in the past.

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      You should check this awesome video out on this thread

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      TF_Pop Up Pete

      Imitation bait is really popular in modern day carp fishing.

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      I would recommend that you start from the very beginning and concentrate on the basics, location, observation and watercraft, don’t get too into bite alarms etc concentrate on catching a few stalking (maybe easier said than done in winter), and you will learn far more.

      Hook wise again there are many different models, depends on the size of the Carp, Drennan make some good specialist hooks, as do Nash and Korda.

      Baitwise Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, Peperami, Maggots, pellets and Boilies to name but a few.

      Tight lines


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