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        I’m quite new to fishing have got a carp rod 12ft 3lb tc.. will I be able to float fish with this as when I went to buy it I explained what type of fishing I was doing float fishing in commercial lakes and fishing on Norfolk broads using a waggler float mostly on both and he said this rod was ok. went back to same shop to buy a new reel and was told by a different guy in the shop that no one would use a waggler on a carp rod so now confused. sorry if this is a simpleton question but not done much fishing for 25 years and so much has changed lol.

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          You can use it but its not ideal. i use an 11ft rod for normal waggler/float fishing and a 13ft fro trotting on rivers. the 3lb test curve on your road wont even twitch with a fish of a pound maybe even 2lb and will make for flicking the float on a cast hard also it will make playing fish that bit harder. if you dont do much light fishing then use it it will work but not very effectively. tbh you can buy a rod for 30-40 quid that will do you fine. thats the problem with fishing in this day and age there is loads of tackle for different things and tbh you dont really need it all. i find myself laughing at some of em with 3 tons of gear and all they use is a pole. it appears youthe longer your pole is the bigger your penis

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