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    Not to bugger my peg up with 4 hours 59 to go!

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    Always good to set a goal just out of reach gives you something to strive for!

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    Same as Nigel

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    catch more fish ~clap ~clap

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    to buy less tackle (just posted my fav 6 tackle items of 2007)

    cheers mike

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    TF_Billy no Fish

    I would have put cosmetic surgery as a priority for you Jay!!!lol

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    How the hell does Freddy the frog get minus 49 points???? and have you really posted over 1000 BNF?~think

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    can anyone tell me what these points are for???????

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    I don’t make resolutions anymore because I always seemed to break them fairly quickly into the new year.
    Not a resolution but I do intend to learn a lot more about fishing in 2008 and I plan to catch more fish having learn’t more.

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    as well as buyinig less tackle try to broaden my horizens, the area where i live doesent help no good rivers within 2-3 hrs drive only 1 canal and i dont really enjoy fishin for small carp, gonna do more bream fishin (my fav) at northands/ardleigh and try to fish nthat canal a bit

    quite new to match fishing so just try to keep improving

    cheers mikey s

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    oh yeah and get girl lose weigh probably in reverse order

    going to slleep now

    cheers mike

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    FORDY 1

    To try and beat a foreigner off the next peg at Manor farm.~sick

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