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    DATE: 14 May 2015
    1st Chris NEAL Rutlander 95-10
    2nd Rob MALLABONE Cross Keys AC 89-10
    3rd Susie SMITH Kobra Feeders 85-12
    4th Pete CATON Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 80-08
    5th Stu PALSER Guru 61-04
    6th Mark SIDWELLS Tamworth 49-02
    Number of pegs: 21

    The match was fished over two lakes. It rained throughout, varying from drizzle to heavy, and Reptile pool dominated the results.

    Chris Neal seems unstoppable at the moment and on Reptile peg 4 he fished paste in open water and then the margins to take carp of all sizes as well as 22-04 of silvers and stockies for a magnificent 95-10 to win.

    On Reptile peg 9, Rob Mallabone caught carp on meat in open water and dead red maggot in the margins to total 89-10 for second place, Susie Smith (Reptile peg 2) taking third place with 85-12 taken on a pellet feeder ahead of Pete Caton’s 80-08 fourth placed weight from Reptile peg 13 which fell to pellet.

    Stu Palser took the Crater money and fifth place overall with 66-04 from peg 2 on pellet and pole, Mark Sidwells (Crater 10) in sixth place with 49-02 taken on meat and dead red maggot.

    NB. ‘Nisa Feeders’ Opens are at Dynamite Makins every Thursday throughout 2015, 9.30 am draw in Café (on Phase 1 Car Park).

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