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    As a match orgainiser it becomes a complete pain in the arse when you get anglers who let you down…. for some reason you get a select amount who seem to think they are above contacting the Match Orgainiser before ….. on the day or even after the match by either Phone call.. TXT…. email… a message on the Websites to let you know they can not attend….. I find it hard that they can not do this as they have managed to make contact in the first place to book them selves on in the first place!!

    so the list of anglers below are now banned from fishing anymore of my matches. you have not only let me down.. but the other anglers who fished on the day. Well done!!

    Simon cordingley
    Omar pattel
    Jack harness
    Mark Henry



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    well done lee its been a great success for you and no shows shouldn’t spoil it for you ,i don’t like bans but you have given them enough warnings in the past 😉 😉 only wish i could fish them kido 😮

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    cheers Joff.

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    well done Lee…

    it isn’t exactly hard to contact someone nowadays, just rude !!!!

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    Well done Lee, it needs to be done, how much effort does it take to pick phone up? Match organisers nightmare no shows. Being firm and taking action is only way to iron out no shows. Keep up good work.

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    It’s Shaun Barnett. I’ve just read your forum post referencing “no shows” at Barston Masters. I appreciate, as a match organiser, that it can be immensley difficult to run a match when competitors just don’t turn up. However, as an angler who fishes all over the country, it is appreciated, when put on a RESERVE LIST, to actually be informed that a place in the match has become available.

    At no time did YOU ring, text or email ME to let me know that I, or my son Matthew, had a place in the match. As a match organiser, surely this was YOUR responsibility, not another competitors, who rang me ten minutes prior to the draw to let me know I was expected to be there. Not having a tardis it would have been physically impossible to get there in time as we live three hours away from the venue. If you had bothered to contact me to let me know that we had a place in the match, then we would have attended, or at the very least told you that we were unable to make it. We fish hundreds of matches over the year, and at no time have either of us not shown up without first cancelling our ticket. I would love to possess psychic abilities and been aware of our places, but unfortunately I don’t. Could you please let me know WHEN you contacted me to let me know that we had a place.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thankyou Shaun Barnett.

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    Why Shoud I contact you?? The List on here is updated constantly…. along with the Barston Masters Website…. Plus Emails are sent out regular to ensure you check the list. You managed to book on by what ever means …you managed to find and check this post …. Theres No excuse…. I am not a baby sitter!!

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    I’m not expecting you to be my babysitter, I’m big enough and ugly enough to look after myself, however I would like to make a few points.
    Firstly, I do not use this website. The only reason I “found and checked” this post, is because a friend rang me to inform me that mine and my sons name was being cast in a negative light all over the internet. Something which I do not appreciate, particularly when it is because of something which I was not even aware of.
    Every other venue, when on a reserve list, contact you to inform you if a place becomes available. I assumed that these matches would be run in a similar, professional way- particularly as I know that you do so with other anglers on the list. And so I find it interesting that you chose not to contact us.
    Furthermore, as far as I’m aware, I’ve only ever requested to fish ONE of your Barston Masters matches. A friend of mine told me that I was on the reserve list for a match in August..why was this? I did not book this, nor ask anyone else to do so on my behalf.
    As I said before, being a match organiser is hard enough and I do appreciate this, however I am not happy for you to tarnish mine and my sons name on a public forum for an incident which was beyond our control.

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    Who would volunteer to be a match organiser? Its a thankless task but in this instance I do have some sympathy for Shaun. Not everyone is on the web so I can understand how such a missunderstanding could happen.
    We dont need slanging matches, clearly something went wrong and trying to point fingers will not get us anywhere.
    I organise our clubs matches and everyone pays in advance but I still get loads of no shows. We all have busy lives and demanding families taking up a lot of our time.

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