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    By Clint Elliott


    This week we are running the Preston Innovations festival, its running with 160 anglers fishing for 5 days where the top 24 anglers will fish the Parkdean Resorts Masters this Saturday. The lakes being uses are A section Pollawyn, B section Twin Oaks split with Trelawney, C section Trewaters split with Acorn & Canal, D section Porth and E section Bolingey, please read on to see how the first days fishing went

    Day Three

    A section Pollawyn

    First on the lake today was Tony Curd with 39lb 06oz from peg 23, Tony caught on the method feeder and short pole with meat. 2nd was Keiron Rich from peg 25 with 36lb 09oz, Keiron fished the feeder with pellets and 3rd on the day was Paul Burton from peg 31 weighing 33lb 10oz catching on the bomb and meat.

    Section winners
    A section Rob Goodson peg 7 9 points 22lb 12oz
    B section Tony Curd peg 23 9 points 39lb 06oz
    C section. Keiron Rich Peg 25 9 points 36lb 09oz
    D section. Alan Scotthorne Peg 43 9 points 31lb 08oz

    B Section, Twin Oaks & Trelawney

    First on day one was Scott Puddy from peg 14 Twin oaks, Scott fished the bomb and meat and short pole with meat weighing 178lb 02oz, 2nd on the day was martin Harrell from peg 18 Twin Oaks with 131lb 13oz and 3rd was Richard Chapman from peg 16 Twin Oaks with 130lb 04oz.

    Section Winners

    A section Scott Puddy peg 14 Twin Oaks 9 points 178lb 02oz
    B section Sam Powell peg 27 Twin Oaks 9 points 117lb 14oz
    C section. John Hannan peg 3 Trelawney 9 points 115lb 11oz
    D section. Phil Morris peg 21 Trelawney 9 points 64lb 13oz

    C Section Trewaters, Acorn & Canal

    First overall Andy Power with 112lb 12oz from peg 41 Trewaters, Andy spent all match fishing the 16 meter pole with pellets. 2nd was Andy Geldart with 94lb 15oz from peg 21 Trewaters, Andy caught on the method feeder and 3rd Lee Riley from peg 39 Trewaters with 87lb 10oz catching on worms in the margins.

    Section Winners
    A section. Andy Geldart peg 21 Trewaters 9 points 94lb 15oz
    B section. Andy Power peg 41 Trewaters 9 points 112lb12oz
    C section. Andrew Nelson peg 5 Acorn 9 points 61lb 12oz
    D section. Jason Collins peg 11 Canal 9 points 72lb 08oz

    D Section Porth

    First on the day Russell Grimes from peg 40 with 18lb 12oz, Russ fished the feeder with worms and maggots short. 2nd on the day was Kevin Wadge from peg 33 with 17lb, Kevin fished the pole with pinkies and 3rd was Tom Scholey form peg 82 with 16lb 13oz, Tom swapped between the short pole with worms and the feeder.

    Section Winners
    A section Oliver Scotthorne peg 17 9 points 16lb 09oz
    B section Russell Grimes peg 40 9 points 18lb 12oz
    C section Darell Falletto peg 77 9 points 16lb 06oz
    D section Tom Scholey peg 82 9 points 16lb 13oz

    E Section Bolingey

    First on the day was John Whincup from peg 7 with 180lb 04oz, John fished the long pole with pellets. 2nd on the day was Ben Fisk from peg 38 with 172lb 12oz, Ben fished the short pole with pellet and margins with worm and 3rd was Des Shipp form peg 34 with 165b 02oz, Des caught on the short pole with pellets and corn in the margins.

    Section Winners
    A section John Whincup peg 7 9 points 180lb 04oz
    B section Richie Hull peg 21 9 points 107lb 09oz
    C section Rob Jones peg 15 9 points 138lb 03oz
    D section Ben Fisk peg 38 9 points 172lb 12oz

    Top Twenty

    Name Points Weight
    1st Andy Geldart 27 261lb 03oz
    2nd Des Shipp 26 312lb 07oz
    3rd Andy Power 26 254lb 05oz
    4th Paul Carnwell 25 333lb 08oz
    5th Tony Curd 25 230lb 08oz
    6th Kevin Wadge 25 214lb 08oz
    7th Paul Christie 25 204lb 15oz
    8th Jason Collins 25 195lb 14oz
    9th Lee Riley 25 184lb 03oz
    10th Keiron Rich 25 181lb 13oz
    11th Jordan Holloway 25 175lb 12oz
    12th Scott Puddy 24 340lb 08oz
    13th Darrell Filetto 24 184lb 15oz
    14th Paul Burton 24 180lb 14oz
    15th Steve Hutter 23 195lb 10oz
    16th Ian Fisk 23 189lb 14oz
    17th Ryan Lidguard 23 185lb 02oz
    18th Simon Fry 23 157lb 04oz
    19th Steve Martin 23 143lb 13oz
    20th Tom Scholey 23 127lb 13oz
    21st Sam Collett 22 279lb 14oz
    22nd Phil Canning 22 223lb 02oz
    23rd Dale Shepherd 22 220lb 04oz
    24th Nick Speed 22 187lb 01oz

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