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    as a match angler i am after a reel for long range bream fishing with braid.
    basically a reel with the bigggest possible spool but the smallest, lightest, compact body.something in between a match reel and a mini-pit reel.

    any ideas lads greatly apppreciated

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    hiya, have u looked at the shimano range maybe the 8000 or 10000 series?they have good line capacity,relatively light but not all that small.the other good thing with them is that they are ultra reliable.

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    If you are using a rod with less than a 30mm butt ring diameter, then you will hinder yourself when casting with a spool that is too large in diameter. Shimano Stradic 4000 with the front drag will suffice for the longest distance that you will be wanting for Bream with match style gear. The Ultegra XTB/XSB reels may have a too big of a spool diameter for efficient casting with all but the heaviest of feeder rods as the butt ring would need to be a fair way up the butt section so that the coils have a shallower angle of travel.

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    It is easy enough to change a rod ring, but is it worth re-ringing the whole rod so the eyes are further down the blank , maybe leaving a few off, the rod being just a fairly standard tip rod?~think

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    A reel they use on the continent is the Spro super long cast 400 series reel and you can buy it for less than £40

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