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        Is there any generally accepted wisdom as to how far from the butt cap a reel should be positioned when in the reel-high position?

        Obviously this is going to vary depending on the size of chap swishing the rod around but must be related to length of forearm from elbow to extended thumb/forefinger or some other ergonomic ratio or something?!

        Also, I seem to be able to exert more pressure on the spool by pressing on it with the first section of my thumb than by wrapping my whole thumb around it as is often mentioned. Anyone else find this or am I weird / doing it wrong?

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          I understand that as a rule of thumb, put the end cap under your armpit and with the rod extended in front of you, your thumb shoul fall on the spool.
          I find this is ok but then add about 4 inches. You will just have to adjust it little by little till you are comfortable.

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            One of the drawbacks of being profoundly right handed, can’t pull with left arm at same time as pushing with right arm, actually incapable of picking my nose with my left hand…
            As for the webbed feet, I only live here Ada, not Local to these parts born elsewhere (unlike you six fingered banjo playing Bognor boys)

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              Casting or banjo playing? Both done with a bent arm innit!


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                  Ooops. Meant to say that I’m similarly cack-handed where anything to do with my left mitt is concerned.

                  Reel-low therefore not an option. I finished growing many years ago so I figured there’s only one correct reel-high position. Coupled with my hate of adjustable reel seats, the installation of a nice 24mm fixed Fuji DPS is now halfway complete and looking good. Interference fit for the time being in case I need to adjust it in future. Bit of new shrinkwrap required and job’s a good’un.

                  Thanks for the advice, chaps.

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                    Profoundly right handed? Do you drive? How do you shift gears when driving, even it is an automatic car?

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                      Changing gear doesn’t really require quite the same deft touch and timing as spool release does it?

                      And no, I can’t pendulum cast a 13g plug single handed, blindfolded either – even with my right hand!

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                        I was refering to Iowa…

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                        fishy smithy

                          i find that placing the rod in between your legs and hold ing it up does the trick in most cases – including getting caught up!!

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