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    I’m off to America and i would like to take some European style gear over there with me.
    I want to take a feeder rod either 9ft, or a 10ft, bank stick, and rod rest which i was planning to put into a card board tube and tape the ends up.
    I also want to take a couple of bags of ground bait and some terminal tackle in my case which can go in the hold.
    Has anyone done this before? do the airline companies allow the rods – dont see why they should not allow them and can you take ground bait in case into the USA?

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    I think you’d be better off splashing out on one of those special heavy duty plastic rod carrying cases. I think they sell for less then a ton but either way it will cost a lot in excess baggage. Just let your carrier know that you will have some outsized baggage as most Airlines have no problem whatsoever carrying ski length type items in the hold. I very much doubt that any type of cardboard tube will survive the harsh handling by the airport baggage boys. Be aware that the yanks will more then likely give you a good going over on arrival but that’s all part of the game, Don’t know about the groundbait, Have a good holiday and if your after Carp you’ll hopefully bag some whackers,

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    Ron, just seen your reply – i did not see it before i went.
    I took a 10ft rod in a normal green tube which i cut to the same length as the rod and taped the ends.
    You can get them on the plane no problem, they just have to be carried down by the airport staff, as they wont go round the conveyor belt systems.
    I thought it was job done and all was well, until i had reached Rochester airport, upstate New York, but alas Jet Blue Airlines had managed to loose it and they had not put it on the flight at JFK – Boooooooooo!
    However after asking at Rochester and the filling in of many forms, i received a call at 1.30am in the morning to say they had located it and get this…….. they paid for a courier to deliver it directly to my place of destination in Webster! I was well impressed!
    Reels and tackle went in my case which totally freaked the airport checking people at every opportunity!
    The case was opened at Heathrow, JFK, Rochester and Toronto and then just for good measure, at every airport on the way back! The lead shot and terminal tackle looks great on X-Ray!! The rod tube was also opened at all those points as well.
    Ground bait is a real no no, totally banned on both USA and Canadian airport lists.
    Any way, after loads and loads and loads and loads of Sun fish taken on worms and punched out barbacued sausage! Small Cat fish taken on either sweet corn, or sausage, plus common carp ranging from 7lb up to 24lb, plus plenty of sun, beer and burgers, i returned home a happy chappy………… without the rod as i left it there for next time, just brought the reel and terminal tackle back.
    A rod license was $35 dollars from Dicks Stores which is a large sporting store.
    I saw Carp well in excess of 30lb in Irondequite Bay as the water was so clear.
    I felt sorry for them as the barmy Yanks really dislike them and Bow fish for them at night with lights, Robson Green styley, but when i asked them why the dislike the species, not one of them could give a valid answer, which confirmed to me that they just love killing things, for killing things sake – shame.
    I will see if i can load some piccys up at some point.
    Cheers, Pad.

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    I was told they dislike carp as they are thought to destroy swawning ground.
    They also like to fish for the table and carp are not that popular to eat over there.

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    If you re planning to fish oversea it may be worth investing in a rod that fits in your suitcase. I have one of these JW Avon Rods and they are very versatile. The case is very hard and the rod will survive the trip no problem.

    I just stick this rod with a bit of gear and bait in my case no problem.

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