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      Stephen Cullen

        About Shotton Hall Pond

        Shotton Hall was originally an 18th Century fine country house and grounds. It is currently owned by Peterlee Town Council and is both a wedding, and conferencing venue, as well as the Council’s administrative offices. The pond at Shotton Hall is roughly as old as the Hall itself. The Ordnance Survey six-inch map of England and Wales of 1861 clearly shows the ‘fish pond’ in its current place and almost identical shape.

        The pond is not particularly deep, but it does have an abundant natural stock of native freshwater course fish including – Common and Mirror Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch. A number of the Carp are easily in double figures weight. There are also a number of non-native ornamental (Koi) Carp that have obviously been introduced at some point in the past by local residents! There are rumours of Pike and Eels, but to date no recorded landings of either. A true mixed fishery.

        Shotton Hall pond is open to members of the Shotton Hall Angling Club fishing syndicate and day ticket holders only. There are no other associations with any other fishing club. Shotton Hall Angling Club is a non-profit organisation with club funds going towards the running of the club and the maintenance of the pond and it’s surroundings. There is an annual fee of £10 which runs from 1st January to 31st December. Please provide two passport sized photographs upon membership application. Following acceptance of membership, there is a £5 per day fishing fee. This fee is to be paid at reception of the Shotton Hall before fishing. Cash only please, we cannot accept card payments at present. There will be no more than 50 syndicate Members and places will be taken on a first come, first served basis. We will maintain a waiting list if this maximum number is reached at any given time. Peterlee residents will be prioritised to join the syndicate. You will be asked for photo ID and proof of residence when you apply for membership. The Council reserves the right to grant day tickets to non-syndicate anglers on an exception basis and by prior arrangement only. Day tickets to fish at Shotton Hall Pond without a syndicate membership are £15 per day. Non-syndicate anglers who wish to fish the pond are advised to contact the council at least 24 hours in advance on 0191 5862491 before coming to Shotton Hall. Again, this fee is to be paid in cash please. Membership of the syndicate and day tickets are subject to the pond rules. If a member or day ticket holder are found to be in breach of any rules then they will generally receive one warning, and an opportunity to rectify their behaviour. A second breach will result of them being removed from the Shotton Hall Angling Club syndicate without further notice or refund, and they will lose the right to fish at Shotton Hall Pond. Serious breaches of the rules will result in immediate removal from the Shotton Hall Angling Club syndicate.

        For more information, please visit the website –

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