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    Any advise on baits and meathods would be helpfull.

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    3 nets

    fish it regular mate, pellet up in the water(6mm) at 10 metres,pellet and paste(green swimstim)at four metres on the deck when you feed the paste line throw pellet hard at the water to make the loudest noise the pole cups spook them as its only about 2 foot deep in places at 4 metres,they churn the water up when they arrive and are good fish averaging 5lb,if you have an empty peg next to you fish against the pallet you will still have them in 8 inches of watere,corn is a good bet on this line as they arrive by the shoal and foul hookers are a problem at this depth on the paste,pegs on both sides are all good,bottom end there are a couple of pegs where the method thrown to the island can produce as well although you do get a lot of small fish and pole lads will do you if its fishing well hope this helps and up the villa

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    hello jon im sure youll draw well enough for it not to matter mate dont forget to add some magic “met” dust in your ground bait


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    3 nets? thanks for all the info top man !!!!!!

    Dave how`s it going long time no see, you still bagging? how`s the business going?

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    Can you use any pellet`?

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    ok mate thanx
    still bagging
    you can use any pellet im sure as theres no onsite tackle shop or anything

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