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    2016 SEASON
    1st Dave LEWIS 64-06
    2nd Dave COTTERILL 54-04
    3rd Rob PEMBRIDGE 52-08
    4th Nigel BRAILSFORD 46-08
    5th Paul MARRIOTT 42-00
    6th Keith WHITE 41-00


    Beechwood Park’s Kingfisher Lake near Elvaston, Derby was the venue for the latest Soldiers and Sailors AC club match. Although a number of regular anglers were unable to attend due to other commitments there was still a respectable turn-out of 24 participants.
    Recent overnight temperatures have been mild for the end of October at around 10C and temperature on the day was mild with next to no wind, very overcast, with a very fine rain mist during the early part of the match.

    Beechwood Park is a leisure complex and fishing venue comprising of six lakes. The roughly rectangular shaped Kingfisher Lake is the largest on the complex, holds 40 pegs, and has a central island with the width to the island varying from 11m to 18m, making it open to a variety of fishing methods.

    Dave Lewis took the opposition apart with excellent display of fishing just beyond his keepnet with a 3-4 sections of pole on peg 15. Regular “loose feeding” with maggot and caster kept carp interested in taking his hook bait as it just touched the sloping lake bottom, and Dave placed 64-06 of decent sized carp on the scales, more than enough for a clear win.

    Having drawn on a favourable peg, 27, Dave Cotterill took second place with 18 carp for 54-04. Banded pellet fished on the 12m line took 12 carp spread over most of the match. The other 6 slightly larger carp were caught quite late in the match from his left margin, again on banded pellet, where fortunately only two pegs were used on the end bank giving an advantage of good margin swims.

    Rob Pembridge took third place with 52-08 from peg 11. A small pellet feeder with banded pellet on the hook help Rob catch fish early on in the match, and as the match progressed he changed to fishing the nearside margin with meat, and managed to continue a steady catch rate.

    Nigel Brailsford placed 48-06 on the scales for fourth place, mainly fishing the pellet feeder and bomb on peg 16. Fifth place went to Paul Marriott with 42-00 from peg 33, and sixth place to Keith White on peg 12 with 41-00.

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