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    2018 SEASON
    DATE: 25 MARCH 2018
    1st Dave COTTERILL 45-08
    2nd Rob PEMBRIDGE 41-09
    3rd Mick LAGER 38-04
    4th Les SMEDLEY 38-01
    5th Neil STEVENSON 24-14
    6th Keith WHITE 24-13

    The Moat lake at Rycroft hosted the first round of this year’s Spring BAG-UP with 24 anglers in six teams completing. In general the Moat fished quite well considering the previous Wednesday it was frozen over. The best weights tended to be at either end, whilst the anglers in the centre of the lake pegs had their work cut out to make the top places.
    Last year’s first Spring League match seemed to repeat itself with Dave Cotterill winning that one, and also taking the top spot on this match. After a slow start on peg 5 catching only three carp on the bomb and corn in the first four hours and watching Rob Pembridge catching carp steady all day on peg 4, in between the bomb and pellet Dave fed and fished two pole lines at 8 and 14.5 metres on soft pellet, only catching two small roach for his efforts. Towards the last hour he noticed some fish had started to move at distance on the top of the sunken island, which prompted him to regularly ping in a few 4 mm hard pellets whilst still on the bomb. With an hour left of the match he went out with a banded pellet at 14.5 metres and got one first put in! After that he never looked back catching steady till the whistle placing 45-8-0 on the scales for the win.
    Rob Pembridge on the adjacent peg 4 took second place with 41-9-0 of carp and a few skimmers. Most of Rob’s fish fell to worm baits, feeding micro pellets on the long pole line.
    A few of Rob’s fish were caught down the margin towards peg 3, but the majority were on the long pole. For some reason on average Rob’s fish were of a smaller size than Dave’s.
    Third place came from right at the other end of the Moat on peg 15. Mick Lager fished the pole along the margin reeds, dobbing with corn. He fed a very small amount of corn as it was the case of locating the fish by working along the margin reeds. Mick’s 38-4-0 third weight only just pipped the fourth man by three ounces!
    The unlucky fourth man was Les Smedley just three ounces short with 38-1-0. Sitting opposite Mick on peg 14 Les fished the long pole towards the corner and far bank margins. Dobbing bread next to the reeds was the tactic to weigh 38-1-0 of carp. Neil Stevenson just pipped Keith White for fifth place with a bomb and pellet net of 24-14-0 of carp. Keith White filled sixth place with 24-13-0 of small carp and skimmers

    2017 SEASON
    DATE: 8 APRIL 2018
    1st Steve HOULT 89-04
    2nd Nigel BRAILSFORD 64-11
    3rd Paul RICHARDSON 48-10
    4th Paul MARRIOTT 38-10
    5th Steve TALBOT 34-10
    6th Les OVERMASS 33-02

    The Carp lake at Rycroft hosted the Second round of this year’s Spring BAG-UP with a planned 24 anglers in six teams completing. Some of the recent previous matches on the carp lake have been won with silver fish, or silvers boosting the top weights. On this match the relative milder weather did encourage the carp to feed which dominated the top weights.

    Steve Hoult took the top place in the second round of the spring league with an excellent top weight of 89-4-0. Drawn on peg 23 and making good use of it Steve caught one carp on the pellet waggler, and then concentrated on the long pole. Fishing at 14m with a hard 6mm pellet on the deck, he added a bonus of three fish caught shallow for his match winning weight.

    Nigel Brailsford continued his good form and results by fishing the method feeder to good effect to clinch second place. Having drawn in a favourable area on peg 16 and using the recently popular ringers yellow washed out wafters on the hook to tempt enough carp for another excellent weight of 64-11-0.

    A carp net of 48-10-0 secured the section win and third place for Paul Richardson on peg 25. Paul’s successful tactic was to concentrate on the method feeder and pellet approach.

    Paul Marriott took the fourth place with 38-10-0 from peg 2 using feeder, long pole, and pole down the margin.

    Using pole and dead reds Steve Talbot filled fifth place with 34-10-0 from peg 15. Les Overmass took the sixth place with a hybrid feeder and wafters for a net of carp weighing 33-2-0

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