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        Southview Skegness Open Sat 13th Oct Results

        1, Gavin Butler Maver Tech 55lb peg 12

        2, Graham Warren Southview/Pure Pellet 33lb 2oz peg 23

        3, Terry Moakes Southview/Pure Pellet 27lb 14oz peg 25

        4, John Gooden Mill Don 27lb 10oz peg 5

        5, Rob Sims Retford 26lb 13oz peg 8

        6, Jim Whitmore Southview/Pure Pellet 26lb 1oz peg 26

        7, Joe McCormack Southview/Pure Pellet 25lb 4oz peg 11

        8, Paul O,Carroll Southview/Pure Pellet 23lb 15oz peg 4

        9, Bob Anderson Kings Lynn 21lb 2oz peg 15

        10, Peter Simpson Sheffield 20lb 4oz peg 18

        Gavin Butler Maver Tech had the luck of the Irish drawing last out the bag and dropping on peg 12.

        Gavin fishing red maggot and micros at 12 and 14m caught small carp “stockies” to take top spot in this weeks open at southview skegness with 55lb

        Second Graham Warren Southview/Pure Pellet who wasnt doing very well had a good last hour with carp on pellet for 33lb 2oz

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