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        Southview Skegness Open Tues 23rd Oct Results

        1, Joe McCormack Southview/Pure Pellet 37lb 8oz peg 10

        2, John Gooden Mill Don 36lb 1oz peg 24

        3, Terry Moakes Southview/Pure Pellet 23lb 15oz peg 22

        4, Ken Twigg Mill Lakes 19lb 5oz peg 11

        5, Paul O,Carrol Southview/Pure Pellet 18lb 4oz peg 9

        6, Graham Warren Southview/Pure Pellet 15lb 13oz peg 24a

        7, Jim Whitemore Southview/Pure Pellet 15lb 3oz peg 4

        8. Bob Anderson Kings Lynn 15lb 1oz peg 25

        9, Derek Chapman Southview/Pure Pellet 14lb 14oz peg 23

        10 Rob Sims Retford 14lb 10 oz peg 15


        Joe McCormack Southview/Pure Pellet made it three wins on the trot in this weeks Tuesday open at Southview Skegness.
        Joe drawing peg ten fished on pure pellet at 10 m without much luck only having a couple of fish four hours into the match, Joe thinking of calling a day came up in the water at 12m which payed of in this another close match. Joe had carp to five pound and dispits having 4 come of put 37lb 8oz on the scales to take his third win in as many weeks.
        Second John Gooden Mill Don with a mixed net on maggot plus a nice carp with 36lb 1oz

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          John Gooden

          Well !! the ole sod won his three on the trot and all 3 were won by very tight margins.
          Myself ,I decided to have a rare midweek trip to Southview because i had to be home early and we finish at 2.30.
          There was a good turn out and to make things more even the flier peg was occupied by a dis abled pleasure angler so we let him stay there.
          We did the draw and i finished up on the far side on one of the most consistent pegs.
          Joe drew the bay in his quest for his hat trick.
          When the match started i was on the far bank opposite Joe and had a good view of all the pegs so I could keep my eye on who was catching.
          Anglers along my bank were catching odd fish after a slow start but we could see the opposite bank was struggling.
          I was chuckling to myself as i was catching odd carp and crucians from 14 metres out in 9 feet of water.
          Next to me Graham Warren was getting odd fish but not as many as me so i knew i was well in front of him .2hours gone and i aint seen Joe catch a fish.He seemed to be spending more time yapping to passers by and smoking roll ups.
          I was keeping my eye on Paul O,Carrol next to Joe as he was getting odd carp.Jimmy the whip was under the conifers fishing for bits so he wasn’t going to threaten…Terry Moakes was nodding off 2 up from me so he wasn’t getting much.I was thinking to myself i’ve pi**ed this match when i landed an 8 pound carp,that’s sealed it i thought.
          The last hour i continued to get crucian carp and a few more bits.
          When the scales came round to me i was leading and so confident i didn’t bother asking scalesman Joe how he’d got on.I weighed in 36lb.
          Imagine my suprise when he said this is gonna be close cause he’d had a few fish shallow in the last 45 mins.
          I just smiled to myself because i hadn’t noticed him catching ,i was busy catching cruies well till the end.
          We got round to his peg and i couldn’t believe when he put 37lb on the scales.I was gobsmacked ,you lucky old git i said,trying to smile when i was well gutted…anyway i said well done gave him a kiss went home and kicked the cat.Look at his photo looks pleased don’t he ( not the cat…Joe ) . Well done mate you deserve a bit of luck for the effort you put in to keep these matches going.

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