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      TF_Mike Herrington

        Who makes a good spliced tip float rod?

        I used to have a Diawa amorphous spliced tip float rod, it was awesome…who makes something similar without breaking the bank.

        Garbo do a super g light float (or something) and to be honest, it did not feel quite right, too floppy in the middle.

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          Garbo 13′ Distance Feeder with the hollow top (and I am not joking!). Action is just like how a spliced tip rod should be.

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            Go on Ebay and get yourself a traditional action rod at a bargin price or buy a new Tri-cast rod.

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              my personal pref is either normark if you can afford one or either spectron or tourny pro i have all 3 all great rods normarks are bit special tho in my opinion

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                By the time Normark started producing the original Titan 2000 the blank technology had moved on from actually needing to splice.

                Personally If I was looking for a stick float rod I’d keep an eye on e-bay for original Normark 2000’s or the Drennan IM8’s and IM9’s (I picked up a very nice IM8 Super Stick about 3 years ago quite cheaply). The vast majority of modern rods are designed with commies in mind and I find most have too much clout for the stick.

                Apart from any thing else any time you mention spliced tip rods on here you’ll get Keith lecturing you on the hook pulling as the float comes out of the water 😉

                If you are hell bent on a splice I have a Dave Harrell 13ft on the Brown Leeda blank that’s only been used a couple of times. Since I now almost entirely use the Drennans I’m open to offers.

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                  there is a company (not the usual suspects) that sells probably one of the best spliced tipped rods i’ve ever used .well balanced and has a short handle and beautifull action

                  its called “Oxygen” Specialist 13ft. Spliced Tip Waggler and costs £75

                  from used tackle (dragoncarp)

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                  TF_Mike Herrington

                    Thanks for the replies…food for thought.

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                    TF_caster rob

                      Drennan Matchpro Ultralight is the nicest “new” stick rod I’ve seen for a long time.

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                      Jin Ewing

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