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    Just a quick message to say thanks to sack up floats for letting me down on the Barston Masters . Sack Up floats promised to supply a prize for the Barston Masters this month , but when I tried to make contact , I was ignored?? It was agreed that I would promote the Company sack up floats on the Barston Masters Website with a link banner and anything else I could do for them. The Barston Masters Team did exactly what they promised..

    Do The sack up floats customers get treated the same way???

    All turned out well though and I would like to Thank Mick Wilkinson of Mick wilkinson Floats who stepped in late to supply the top 3 anglers with a range of his Top Selling Floats!!

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    been waiting months for my floats. No follow up of when floats may be ready.have now given up on them.

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    Lee, I think you should put a bit more thought into what you say before slagging people off ! You say you tried to make contact but were ignored which is very different to actually making contact and being ignored, do you know for certain your attempts actually got through as I can’t even get on to Sackups up to date website let alone make any contact personally ? The man could be ill for example or maybe gone out of business !
    I know you’re very enthusiastic and it’s through your association with Greys and Bagup that you’ve secured sponsorship from them for the Barston Masters but, generally speaking, sponsorship in any form is very hard to come by nowadays and your sometimes abrasive way of posting in response to things not going the way you would like could even put off any potential sponsors that might be looking in on the site.
    I know personally that being a match organiser can be a thankless task but one rule of thumb I always work to is never announce a sponsor until the goods/money are in my hands – that way you can overcome any issues before they come into the public domain and any little wrinkles can be ironed out amicably. As a mate I hope you take this advice in the way it’s meant and don’t see it as a personal slur as that’s not what is intended but sometimes the truth can be a bit painful.

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    Stever , Lee has been more than patient trying to contact said person. It`s simple , you cannot run a business that way. If it was a major company everyone would be on their back!!! Lee has turned another float manufacturer away because he “thought” he had all the rounds covered. I think you will find sponsors are more than willing to come forward on larger matches as it`s advantageous to them also. I may be slightly bias as I run the web site and have a little bit of input but I think Lee and his no nonsense approach works well. He is not a keyboard warrior and if he has a grievence with a competitor OR sponsor he will let them know.

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    Steve.. I would say contacting him through face book where he has seen the message but chosen to ignore it or respond to it is being Ignored , I know he had also been on face book as he had posted a message on there 3 days later after I had sent mine?? also .. on the several occaions I phoned No answer.. even leaving a message of who I am and where he can contact me on. The only response I did have was.. sorry in a meeting will phone you back by txt.. so I waited.. I then tried to phn him back as I thought .. ok well he might have forgot.. but No… No response again!!

    He has had free advertisment out of this .. we have done our part?? He even asked if I could make it the back end of The Competition that he could give the prize.. I was more than happy to agree and work with him on it as I understand how a small company buisness can be under pressure.

    He has let his company name down , and he has let everyone down who fished the Barston Masters.. If he was unable to do it .. He only needed to let me know. I could then deal with it . I class it as no better than a NO show on the day and not even being bothered to make contact before or after the event to send appologies.


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    Any word from him yet?

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