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    Here are the Final 80 anglers fishing for the Barston Masters Final to be held in September.

    Kevin Hayes
    Joe Carrass
    Lee Taylor
    Gregg Norris
    Baz Byrd
    Carl Hully
    Paul Hubbard
    Jim Murfitt
    Mick Davis
    N Harrison
    Dave Davis
    James Hipkiss
    Gary Whitby
    D Krucklow
    Danny Elliss
    Brian Ashley

    Jamie Jones
    Matt McGuinness
    Maurice Williams
    Barry Duggan
    Dan Tresign
    Mark Booth
    Simon Fry
    Pete Bennet
    Andy Sutton
    Richard King
    Trev Wyse
    Steve Daily
    Carl Daily
    Chris Harrison
    Paul Cassidy
    Dave Partridge

    Wayne Price
    Darren Sanders
    Billy Harris
    Paul Terry
    Jay Davis
    Shane Rogers
    Sean Barber
    Pemb Wrighting
    Phil Hardwick
    Mark Dowery
    R Watkins
    Mark Casemore
    Dave Kightley
    Mick Risby
    Paul Knapman
    Neil Carless

    Jason Shirley
    Craig Casemore
    R Harris
    Chris Buckley
    Ian Crossman
    Steve Wilson
    Andy Morrison
    John Price
    Bob Poole
    Simon Chidler
    Ken Ashton
    D Boyle
    Paul Ward
    Clive Nixon
    J Ward
    C Thompson

    Gaz Wood
    Graham brownie
    A. Cattell
    Ade Hornby
    Mark Green
    Andy Ashington
    Paul Garner
    Dave Smalley
    Ian Lillystone
    Wayne Colloff
    Simon Allen
    Miranda Brown
    Dave Pritchard
    Steve Chester
    Terry Phillips
    Mark Bisset

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