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      Hi all
      Not been on here for ages and got a club match on there in a couple of weeks.
      Can anybody give me a good up to date run down?
      Thanks very much

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      We was on there end of July 108 won it 107 2nd both next to each other they caught well on the inside not many caught off the island it was red hot when we where there but its worth a throw. it’s deep in areas on the pole line dead red corn and pellet.

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      Anymore info chaps?

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      I know some of the burton lads fish this on a regular basis, are any of them on here?
      Martin D used to be the chap to ask but I think he doesnt fish it any more?

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      were on pegs 1 to 24. Tell me more!!!

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      Lester James

      Clubs are made for playing matches to improve their skills so that they can take part in different international games. With the help of papercheap uk to watch the tutorials about gaining sports skills.

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