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    A question for Leon (or anyone on here who could find out) who did the Main Lake article at Willinghurst in Total Carp this month.

    I’m just a tad confused on which lake was fished, the write up details Main Lake to the tee, but all the accompanying pictures in the article show you fishing Christmas Tree Lake which is next door to Main Lake.~think

    Not having a dig, would just be nice to clarify things.

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    did they catch anything ???????

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    Was that a sarcastic reply Brian ??????. lol

    I believe he did end his write up saying I have ended up with another blank for a magazine article, but I am presuming if he did fish Christmas Tree and was placing his baits on top of the sunken island and other features which are not in the lake, a blank would be on the cards. A bit of a different write up to the lad who did a article on Main Lake for another magazine a while ago, his heading ended up being “ Day ticket doubles made easyâ€

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    teabag get some fuel in the car and be ready, you wont get a lot of warning for game on lol

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    @proper tidal boy wrote:

    did they catch anything ???????

    lol nicely put MASTER P.T.B…

    up the bees
    😎 😎

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    “Did they catch anything” No but Mark has caught a few?

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