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      Michelle Thorn will be there.

      Google her.

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      All I get is “Tamara’s Lesbian Fantasies”….surely not..?

      If that IS Michelle Thorn….YOU WOULD..!

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      TF_caster rob

      Is this what you meant by “DHP trying to drag angling shows up a few notches” on the NEC thread?

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      I can think of lots of gags about poles, bushes, lubrication etc etc etc.

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      And why not include the odd bit of fluff Mr Sault…??

      Nice to ogle….oh yes..!!

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      TF_caster rob

      Because I can’t see what meaningful contribution it makes to an angling show.

      That is unless the show is of such a quality that something is needed to take the punters minds off it.

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      I googled her on “images”~naughty,i just managed to click back as the Mrs walked in~hand.

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      Lighten up caster rob for god’s sake.

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      TF_caster rob

      Perhaps it would be easier if you just disabled my account – again.

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      Classy stuff. Akin to the angling mags that ran porno phone line ads a while back. The mags I don’t buy any more.

      Or are you/they trying to make it much easier for parents with kids of an impressionable age who were worried about educating them into the mysteries of porn.?

      ”Why’s that lady dancing around that pole daddy….”

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      When Danielle from legs eleven table dancing club,pole danced at the Maver stand at the NEC last year,and the year before,there were mixed comments.but wether they were good or bad comments all the men still looked regardless.

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      TF_cockney blanker

      If thats a good reason to go think i will look on the net instead, the rest of the show must be shit!

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      personally i cant’see much wrong, certainly from a ‘ethical’ point of view a bit of female flesh is healthier than fantasies about sticking hooks in fish or watching certain politicians with blood on their hands pontificating on t.v. or newspapers, more debateable given the recent protests in Tibet is continuing chinese links with the tackle trade. Given that the lady in question will have some clothes on and that expert knowledge of her photogrphic career will be mainly of an adult nature, why not make the show over 12 or 14.

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