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    I am after a couple of Preston Innovations Short 4’s.
    Will pay delivery.
    Will buy 1, if you have 1.
    Will travel to collect.
    Will consider wrapped one’s if been broken.
    Will pay cash, or Paypal.
    Will throw the wife in for good measure.
    Either pm me, or drop a note on the thread.
    Cheers, Pad.

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    theres one on ebay

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    Got the link Paul?

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    hi i have two for a gis 10 how much will you pay for them ginger

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    Ginger – I have just dropped you a pm mate – get back to me.
    Ta, Pad.

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    hi i would like a lot more than that for them i live in dorset ginger

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    Pm’d you again.

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    hi i am going to white/a this week fishing where are you from

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    if you get stuck i will be back in two weeks if you know any one going there i can give them to them

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    Pm’d you again, re the payment details. Do you have a Paypal account?
    OK, We will sort it out on your return from W/A’s.
    Cheers, Pad.

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    good old ginger, he might even sign them for you paddy. im bet that they have never been used lol

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    I am now sorted (well in 2 weeks anyway). Thanks for looking and thanks to Ginger for sorting me out.
    Who’s Ginger? lol

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    they may well have not bin my old mate and yes i wiil sine them for him that way he will know i am a star

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    Ha ha, Thanks Michael.

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    thats ok

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    everyone knows ginger lol

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    i know but you shoud not put that on here as it is all not good for me ~naughty

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