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    Looking for a long shot! a Browning Ceramic No4 for a young kid in our club.

    His section has broken twice and the female is damaged, can be repaired by scott but a replacement would be better.

    email [email protected] or phone 01946 65957 after 6pm


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    Found out it is a Super ceramic 12.3m

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    Same pole as the Browning Black Titanium. I had three plus loads of spares but sold them to a chap in the Midlands about five years ago. Odd as they are part put-in and part put-over. But super strong yet not too heavy.

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    hi no its not the the pole scetion he after was put over. only the top two were put in the one you had was top four put in and the rest put over. the one you are thinking of was the ceramic accord 12m

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    i knew i had a browning pole down the shed so just been and had a dig about, not the one you was asking for but a browning 12.5 mtr matrix Lx, got a ripple finish on it, heres a few pic’s if its any good get intouch and we can sort out a price.


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