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      Having been out of the UK for a while I will be looking to replace my tackle and one of the things I would like to replace is my Watercraft Seat Box with the same, I know I can and should be able to get one of ebay, but can you still get spares and extra parts like pole seat, trays & draws. I believe the original owners retired as this is an outstanding box at great value I am surprised no one has taken it over, I could be wrong but I have never seen any negative reviews.

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      wasnt these boxs made like 15,20 years ago?

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      Might be worth a try, there’s an address here:

      I had one in about 96/97, it’s still in a shed somewhere as far as I know!

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      15-20 years ago, I sudenly feel old 😮

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      give mark a ring from marks tackle stourport, he will be able to sort you out 01299 871735

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      Cheers Matt 🙂

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      Carl Deleon

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