Weights to over 400lb at Angel of the North Fishery, July 3rd, 2018

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      Some outstanding fishing this week with one angler estimating his pleasure session at over 450lb , lots of good sized species being caught ranging from Tench, golden tench, Rudd, Golden Rudd, Roach, Perch, Bream, Skimmers, Chubb, Crucians, Carp including,Common, Mirror, Leather , Koi , Orfe, blue Orfe, Golden Orfe, Ide, Seven Gudgeon, etc
      Baits that are on target are Angel pellets banded and feed angel pellets over top, chopped worm, maggots, caster, also mussel and chopped mussel to feed, prawn and feed chopped prawn , paste all doing magical the fish are feeding so well with such high water temperatures .
      Please remember to check our feed rules as its critical to keep water quality pristine especially in these temperatures, and our feed rules reflect whats banned ie No boilies and No boilie derivatives, meat cant be fed, nor corn, our pellets only, no surface/floating baits, no pop ups, no bread or bread baised ground bait, etc Thank You
      Sunday 1st July 2018 open Lookout
      Sunny, ambient temp 22 deg, wind E 11mph , barometer 1019, water temp 19 deg, PH 7.1, DO 7.00 we have kept all aerators on 24 hours a day to keep Oxygen levels up , mv –15
      1st Ethan Bradley 146lb 5oz peg 16aa
      2nd Craig Grant 98lb 14oz peg 32
      3rd Craig Crompton 94lb peg 25
      Friday eve 3 hour match 29th June 2018 open Ton up, Ton up.
      1st John Foster 164lb 03 oz peg 22
      2nd Ethan Bradley 107lb peg 5
      3rd John Nelson 86lb 6oz peg 8

      Ann Adlington

      Ann & Arthur Adlington Ltd

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      Mobile : 07867 557974

      Email : [email protected]
      Web : http://www.angelfishing.com

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