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      TF_slim shady

        Just got my car loaded up about 20 mins ago to set off for the glebe ,getting ready to go,when billy no fish phones me to say i’am at the bait farm and they have got no casters,can you get me 12 GALLONS for today.

        It would appear that 8 or 9 of the lads have let him order casters for them. I posted on here if anyone needed casters let me know,then this happens,bit like going on holiday abroad and then realising your passport is out of date the day before ~think ~think.

        I should be rubbing my hands really coz i think only me ,pebs and a few more in my zone will have any,but i am gonna try and contact my tackle dealer to see how many he has which considering they dont open till 8.00 will probably mean i will miss breakfast and posssibly the draw. Why leave it to the last minute. Christ only knows.

        Stressed before i have even got there.~naughty ~naughty ~naughty ~naughty

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