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    Do anyone know any good insurance company where I can insure my most expensive fishing tackle(my pole’s)? I got home contents insurance with lloyds bank,but when my all tackle has been stolen I had to fight with them for 10 months before finally get repleacement 😀

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    This may be what your looking for. I don’t know how they compare to other insurance companies but worth a bit of research.


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    there all has bad

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    switch to HSBC home and contents insurance, they sorted my claim in 10 days, they also let you insure specific items, i.e pole, box, etc individualy as well as a blanket cover, and the cost is very reasonable compared to “specialized” tackle insurance companies.
    p.s I dont work for them LOL 😀

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    Did u provided to them proof of purchase for your tackle,what kind of evidence they accept to know that u got tackle witch u describe when buying insurance.Asking because with lloyds when I asked them about any receipt to provide( couse I had plenty of second hand tackle),they answer was-NO.,but when my tackle has been stolen and I made claim then starts problem.As proof they accept as follow: photography showing item,receipt or statement from original supplier. I provide to them set of photography and statement from my local tackle shop,but bank told me that this is not enough for them and I should provide receipts,but I couldn’t couse like I said before most of my tackle was second hand…Finally ombudsman help me finish this case and I get all my tackle back:-)

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    Did not ask for receipts or photos etc, but I did itemise the major items with them at the time of taking out the policy, like yourself I could NOT have provided any receipts, but maybe a few photos, but that would have been it.

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